Biloba Organic

Inspiration – Learning – Research

Tucked into a remote mountain valley in the small village of Kainjale, about 1600 meters above sea level, sits Biloba Organic Farm. An organic coffee farm in Nepal, run and maintained almost exclusively by the owners, farm workers, and volunteers. The farm is situated in a less touristic and beautiful part of the Himalayas. Surrounded by fields, forests, birds, and wildlife. The land is quite steep and partly covered and surrounded by local forest. It has exceptional biodiversity with occasional visits of animals like Langur Monkey, Marten, Deer, and Leopard.

Biloba Organic area, as for many village areas of Nepal, has seen massive emigration to the cities and out of the country for work and better opportunities. Many people leave the village and give up the hardships of traditional small-scale farming because of the lack of facilities and opportunities.


Biloba Organic Farm aims to integrate plantations to benefit and increase biological variety. We strive to produce improved organic coffee varieties adapted to the Himalayan environment at 1500-1600 meter altitude , which has a good potential for high-end specialty coffee.


To investigate ways to make sustainable and profitable organic permaculture farming, being able to help make the village regain strength and head for a bright agricultural future.