The House

The Farm House is well immersed in the mountain environment. There are 4 traditionally decorated rooms furnished with wooden beds. The rooms can accommodate from two to three people. There is one shared toilet and shower with hot water ( squat toilet is not designed for toilet paper use, only water)

The guests can rest, drink tea, and read a book on the second-floor terrace.

Staying at Biloba Organic Farm House, you will experience the traditional Nepali village life, being able to share with local people and get to know about their customs and traditions. The overwhelming hospitality of Nepali people and especially the Biloba Organic Farm family treatment will leave you with unforgettable memories of your trip.


At Biloba Organic Farm, you will eat the typical Nepali mountain food. At noon and in the evening, we make “Daalbhat” Rice, lentils and vegetables, etc. Meals are mainly organic, sourced from our local area or own field.

The high-grown organic rice in our area is tasty and nutritious, so we try to keep a year-round supply sourced from nearby farmers. We grow ginger, turmeric, chili and many other seasonal fruits and vegetables for the household.

Sometimes we serve other local dishes like Thukpa, Dhilo, also international dishes. Volunteers are welcome to take part in cooking. In between meals, we serve snacks, fruits, tea, and coffee. Basically vegetarian. But we do have meat sometimes too.

Volunteers usually make breakfast themselves or along with us in the old kitchen. Food is cooked on firewood or gas. Breakfast is typically beaten rice, bread, rice, egg, porridge, and fruits.

Breakfast 08.00 to 09.00. Lunch 12.00. Snacks 17.00. Dinner 20.00