Nearby Highlights

Nepal has a unique cultural mix represented in both its religiosity and its mountain life. This life, developed on steep slopes and high peaks, is inhabited by ethnicities that are quite different in their roots. This brings with it a rich and multi-diverse cultural spectrum. Many of these cultural, religious, and mountain life expressions can be experienced nearby Biloba Organic Farm.


The popular festivals in Nepal are profuse and varied, its multiculturalism makes it have one of the most extensive holiday calendars around the world. For this reason, you can find events in Nepal practically all year round.

The traditions and culture of the Nepalese population, mainly Hindu and Buddhist, mark the celebration of festivities in Nepal. Biloba, being away from the high tourist attraction points, will allow you to experience these festivities in a genuine way in its different villas, temples, and stupas nearby. Ask the team about upcoming festivities!


From Biloba, you can venture on different Hiking routes. One recommended route is to hike to Gufadada (search in Google maps), climbing up to 2,300 meters high. This route will take you to walk among Sherpa villages, pass Buddhist stupas and reach peaks that, if the clouds are with you, can give you incredible views of the Himalayas and its highest peaks, such as Lonpo Gang Mountain (6,980 meters) and Shishapangma Mountain (8,027 meters). You can also hike to nearby villages, such as Mulkharka, Melamchi, and Nawalpur, with good views of the river and the rice terraces that cover the mountains.