Ama – Biloba’s Mum

Ama is a resident of Kainjale village and our inspiration. Always happy and smiling, she helps us with different task on daily bases, keeping the house and compound in tip top shape.

Deepa – Biloba’s director

Deepa moved to Kainjale from Pokhara in 2019 and has since developed and managed the farm into what it is today. She loves nature and loves to plant flowers. She takes care of guests and make sure everyone has a great stay. Her cooking skills is only one of the things that makes visitors have a unforgettable stay on the farm.

Thomas – Biloba’s Coffee man

Thomas is a Norwegian living part time in Nepal since many years. In 2014 he founded Biloba organic and has since then worked to plant trees in Sindhupalchok. Since 2019 his main focus has been on developing the land in Kainjale into a permaculture forest garden. Thomas loves to plant trees and to study sustainable farming, with a main interest in coffee and all the steps from planting to cup.

Ramesh – Field manager

Ramesh is a resident of nearby Jyamire, lives and work at the farm. During the years he has put in an enormous effort to create the field we have today. He is skilled in all farm management tasks and are our main field technician.

Dinesh – Biloba’s Master Chef

Dinesh is a resident of nearby Chamko village, lives and work at the farm. He is multi talented and are in charge of our building projects as well as working with the field. In the kitchen he prepares special dishes.

Beemal – Biloba’s Tiktok Superstar

Beemal came to us from far away Syanga district in 2021 and has been living with us since. He is habituated to farming since childhood and masters any work in the fields with perfection.